Youth & Family


Unity offers many ways for children and families to learn and share our basic principles. Please take a look below for our current offerings.

Children's Service - 11:00am

We offer a children's program each Sunday during the Sunday Celebration Service.  

Childcare - we do not offer seperate childcare at this time.  We do encourage you to bring your children to the service.  Children 2 and under are welcome to stay with the caregiver during the service.  Older children may also opt to stay, or go with the Youth Services Teacher and Assistant to the Youth Services room for their own activities.  Once a month a certified Yoga instructor offers yoga to the children during class time.

Children's books are available in our "Bookstore for the Miracle Minded"


If you have any questions, want to assist with our children's programs, or would like to suggest an activity or a group opportunity, please contact us.