Bobby Shropshire: Skeptical Spirituality


"Skeptical Spirituality: The faith of a non-beliver"




Sunday, July 28, 2019


11am Service, Guest Speaker

1:30pm Workshop

$20 Suggested Donation


"Skeptical Spirituality: The faith of a non-beliver"


Bobby Shropshire describes himself as a 'Militant Agnostic', a position he says is best expressed in the slogan, "We don't know and YOU don't either."  Although he has been a lifelong student of Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality and even Mysticsm, he holds no titles, certificates or spiritual credentials whatsoever and flatly rejects the claims of all those who do.  Using music, humor, movement and meditation, he offers a unique perspective on the conundrums of modern life.  Unity Myrtle Beach accepts no responsibility for any riots, lightning strikes or attacks by angry villagers armed with torches and pitchforks which may occure as a result of his cogitations.