Rev. Margaret Hiller took over the ministerial duties at Unity Christ Church of Myrtle Beach in April of 2005. She has over 20 years in ministry, presenting in churches, hospitals, colleges, and mental health agencies. Her wisdom and zest for life flow into humorous and heart-connected Sunday messages about current life issues.

Margaret holds a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Psychology and has vast experience in many areas of counseling. She and her husband, David, co-authored the book "Dare to Dream:  Healing Fears, Creating Miracles and Living Your Dreams". She and David travel extensively in the United States conducting worship services and presenting a variety of workshops.

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Board of Trustees

Each individual on this spectacular Board is committed to his or her own spiritual development; to growing, evolving and working together in wisdom; and to supporting the spiritual health of this church community. This team is comprised of the Minister and seven Trustees elected from the active Membership of the Church. Through prayer and visioning, the Board of Trustees seeks to carefully assess and spiritually discern the highest and best decisions for the business needs and successful operation of the ministry and for the wisest use of the tithes, donations, talents and gifts of this generous congregation. The Board of Trustees holds as its highest priority the well being of the church members and support of UCC as it grows and develops new ministries and future activities.

Our Present Board of Caring Trustees: John Wilder, President; Sally Reynolds, Vice President; Cordy Mack, Secretary; Bob Shipman, Trustee; Cassandra Bulter, Trustee; Carol Delude, Trustee; Linda Thole, Trustee; Sunny Pennington, Trustee; and our Treasurer, Anton Knoll-Ruffo.

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Support Ministries

No list is complete without mentioning the tireless efforts of the other individuals that make up the Ministry of Unity Christ Church. Gratitude goes out to: David LaCombe, Music Director;  Our current musicians and choir:  Anton Knoll-Ruffo (guitar); Bobby Shropshire (lead guitar); Dan Haines (drums); Penny Schilling (guitar); and choir Marlene Krauthamer, Pam Allen, Ann Mancuso, Patti Knapp, Elysa Ferrara, Isabelle Boyd, and Paula Cross. 

Support Staff

Charlene Yvonne Yates, Administrative Assistant. 

Anton Knoll-Ruffo, Bookkeeper.