END ABUSE Summit in Myrtle Beach





Concerned about the critical problem of children and adult human and sexual trafficking, the Horry County Democratic Party strongly supports the End Abuse Summit to be held, June 22 in Surfside Beach.


Sponsored by Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Drive, Surfside Beach, SC 29575, a spiritual center for peace education, the Summit will enhance dialog and community networking and join the efforts of law enforcement and schools to identify and stop abuse and human trafficking in our community.


"On the beautiful Grand Strand, many people are shocked and inspired to action when they learn the levels of abuse and human trafficking happening in the Myrtle Beach area," said Darralyn Alexander, of Unity Myrtle Beach. 


"Every year more than 800,000 children become victims of abuse or neglect, not just in Horry County, but in the state of South Carolina, Alexander said, noting, "that the number of child abuse and neglect compaints in South Carolina has increased by more than 13,000 from 27,000 complaints in 2012 to more than 40,000 in 2015."


"While those are the latest available statsitics, we know that the problem continues to worsen," said Alexander, "Our Summit is an effort to focus attention on this crisis adn encourage our citizens to become involved."


HCDP First Vice Chair, Baraba Hake put the situation in perspective:


"We need to educate, advocate and supplicate our children and women and their well-being," she said.  "No one has the right to abuse another human being for their sexual gratification or to make a profit from such abuse.


"What if your mother, father or sister, or any relative, had done this to you?  Where would you be in life right now?  Would you have the career you enjoy, the happy home you live in, the circle of friends who support you?


"If your answer is 'no!' then make sure it doesn't happen to one more woman/ girl in SC or anywhere in the US.  It is easy to spout words in support ... it is harder to take action and preventive measures.  We are in the 'beyond words' stage.  Action is required."


Among the Summit's speakers will be:

Shelbia Carter Wiley: CEO, Engagint Minds Services

Angela Howell: Horry County Police Force, Human Trafficking

Eric Bellamy: Director of Program Integration, Children's Trust of SC

Natalie J. Darby, RN, BSN, SANE-A, SANE-P, Coastal Region Human Task Force

Sherri Smith, Lt., Co-Chair Coastal Region Human Trafficking Task Force




Saturday, June 22


Cost: $20 (includes lunch)

RSVP: Darralyn Alexander darralyn20@gmail.com or call 214-926-6916

Mail check: Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Drive, Surfside Beach, SC 29575 (add End Abuse payment in memo line) up to June 18th.  After, June 18th, register at door.  

Doors open at 10am (cash, check, credit card, payable to Unity Myrtle Beach).

A portion of the fees/proceeds will be donated to: Children's Trust of SC